Last edited: May 24 2024

Top Digital Marketing Agencies in Michigan

Scepter Marketing logo
Scepter Marketing
Scepter Marketing offers powerful digital marketing solutions for growing companies, specializing in effective web design, SEO strategies, and online marketing. They focus on helping clients increase web traffic, streamline business processes, and boost sales through functional and efficient websites.
The Media Advantage logo
The Media Advantage
Media Advantage, a full-service creative and marketing agency in Lansing, Michigan, offers comprehensive solutions ranging from graphic design and web development to digital marketing and video production. With a focus on providing high-impact strategies for various industries, they aim to enhance businesses and brands through their creative services.
MarketingRelationship logo
MarketingRelationship is a full-service digital marketing agency based in Michigan with a strong focus on lead generation through SEO services. With a team dedicated to increasing website traffic and delivering tangible results, they specialize in helping businesses rank on the first page of search engines for competitive keywords.
Elevate Marketing Company, LLC logo
Elevate Marketing Company, LLC
Elevate Marketing Company, LLC is a digital marketing agency specializing in digital marketing retainers, social media management, personal branding workshops, and website design. Contact them today to book your discovery call.
LEAD Marketing Agency logo
LEAD Marketing Agency
LEAD Marketing Agency in Grand Rapids, MI offers comprehensive marketing services including brand development, social media, video production, market research, traditional and digital media, web development, SEO, and more. Contact them for assistance in defining and achieving your marketing goals.
Stone Interactive Group logo
Stone Interactive Group
Stone Interactive Group is a Michigan-based web design agency focused on building brands, boosting traffic, and generating leads through best-in-class web design, development, strategy, and analytics.
GRX Group logo
GRX Group
GRX Group is a collection of marketing and retail solutions staffed by former retail executives and marketing professionals dedicated to enhancing brands at any stage. Leveraging expertise from academia and business, their team collaborates to elevate brands through a range of services including brand strategy, content design, SEO, and more.
3.7 Designs logo
3.7 Designs
3.7 Designs is an Ann Arbor web design company that helps build awareness and generate leads through smarter web design and digital marketing strategies. Their focus lies in finding and converting prospects into customers through a unique design process, emphasizing engagement as one of the key factors in their custom website development.
Ad Solutions Media logo
Ad Solutions Media
Ad Solutions Media is dedicated to enhancing your business's presence in the digital landscape by leveraging cutting-edge strategies. Elevate your brand visibility, reach, and return on investment through our advanced digital marketing services tailored for growth and expansion.
DVS logo
DVS is a Grand Rapids-based marketing and advertising agency offering a range of services including strategy, branding, digital marketing, advertising, SEO, logo design, content publishing, automation, video production, animation, trade show support, and promotional materials.
Unified Media Marketing Group logo
Unified Media Marketing Group
Unified Media Marketing Group is a global website development and digital marketing company that specializes in creating stunning website designs, effective web development, website optimization, and immaculate content writing. They work closely with clients to craft personalized marketing strategies that stand out from the competition, emphasizing the importance of careful planning and seamless integration of their products.
Made In Metro logo
Made In Metro
Made In Metro, a passionate digital marketing company, brings brands to life with exceptional content tailored to each business's needs, goals, timeline, and budget. Their quality-focused approach aims to attract new customers while keeping existing clientele engaged, reflecting their belief in purposeful and intentional service curation.
Webistries Marketing & SEO logo
Webistries Marketing & SEO
Webistries Marketing & SEO offers comprehensive marketing packages and services tailored to drive growth and ROI for small businesses. With a focus on reducing the complexities and time demands of modern marketing, they bring corporate-level expertise to help businesses thrive without adding extra burden to the owners.
Elite One Media logo
Elite One Media
Elite One Media is a full-service digital marketing agency specializing in web design, social media management, SEO, and virtual tours. Their marketing strategies foster business growth in Greater Grand Rapids and beyond.
DWP Multimedia logo
DWP Multimedia
DWP Multimedia offers a range of services including web design, web development, digital marketing, branding, local SEO, and maintenance. With a focus on building smart websites to automate and streamline processes, they provide comprehensive solutions for businesses looking to enhance their online presence.
CP Solutions logo
CP Solutions
CP Solutions is a West Michigan Digital Marketing Agency dedicated to helping businesses achieve their goals through effective marketing strategies tailored to drive growth and profitability for mid-sized companies. With services ranging from Email Marketing to Web Design and SEO, they focus on empowering businesses to succeed in today's digital landscape.
Young Spider SEO and Digital Marketing logo
Young Spider SEO and Digital Marketing
Young Spider SEO and Digital Marketing specializes in advanced SEO strategies, experienced paid ads management, and local search engine optimization services. They are experts in lead generation and helping businesses dominate their local or national market with their digital assets.
Adtegrity logo
Adtegrity, through their subsidiary Media Place Partners, offers integrated full-funnel marketing solutions in Grand Rapids, ensuring the right audience is reached in the right place at the right time for optimized advertising campaign performance.
VMD Services logo
VMD Services
VMD Services provides full-service marketing solutions for podiatrists, offering website design, search engine optimization, and strategies to reach the perfect patient. Their Practice Builder Program includes training services for the entire team and in-house marketers, along with free resources like blogs, videos, and newsletter subscriptions.
WebFX logo
WebFX offers revenue-driving digital marketing services in Ann Arbor, MI, helping businesses boost their online presence and reach their audience to achieve their goals. Get expert advice on all your digital marketing campaigns with WebFX.
Tacktical Marketing logo
Tacktical Marketing
Tacktical Marketing is a full-service digital marketing automation agency specializing in strategies for manufacturing, technology, and professional services. They help bring companies to life by generating leads through social ads, PPC digital ads, and retargeting ads.
Dynamo logo
Dynamo provides straightforward digital marketing services that aim to simplify the process for businesses. They focus on developing strategies to engage consumers, drive revenue, and establish a solid marketing foundation for lasting success.
Skyodin Marketing logo
Skyodin Marketing
Skyodin offers future-ready marketing strategies to help grow businesses, specializing in B2B lead generation through digital marketing solutions like virtual tours, web design, outdoor advertising, and GSTV.
Kzoom logo
Kzoom is a full-service digital marketing company based in Kalamazoo, Michigan, specializing in video production, photography, authentic storytelling, branded content, and stunning design. Their team consists of videographers, photographers, designers, and digital strategy experts who collaborate with clients as an extension of their company to achieve marketing goals and handle multiple projects simultaneously.
MINDSCAPE is a Grand Rapids, MI-based digital marketing agency specializing in website design, inbound marketing, and SEO services. With expertise in improving website experience, lead generation, and e-commerce sales, they offer a range of services including marketing automation, digital advertising, and email marketing across various platforms such as WordPress, Google Ads, and HubSpot.
Breakout Internet Media logo
Breakout Internet Media
Breakout Internet Media provides a comprehensive digital marketing solution, including services like website accessibility with BreakoutADA, local SEO, social media management, pay-per-click ads management, and more to enhance your online presence and reach your target audience effectively.
Slick Raven Marketing logo
Slick Raven Marketing
Slick Raven Marketing offers a comprehensive range of digital marketing services to enhance online presence, engage the right audience, optimize lead generation, and boost sales growth. Partner with us to elevate your brand in the digital realm.
Moonsail North logo
Moonsail North
Moonsail North specializes in storytelling and strategy, blending the science and art of effective communication. Passionate about helping innovators grow, they focus on crafting narratives that engage both intellectually and emotionally.
Fivenson Studios logo
Fivenson Studios
Fivenson Studios is a digital agency based in Ann Arbor, MI, specializing in strategic graphic design solutions. Their team consists of not just designers, but strategists and thinkers who create experiences people love by understanding customers' needs, desires, and current trends.
Pure Visibility logo
Pure Visibility
Pure Visibility is a digital marketing agency based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, offering services such as SEO audits, local SEO, PPC campaigns for various industries, including ecommerce, education, healthcare, and technology.
InVerve Marketing & Web, Inc. logo
InVerve Marketing & Web, Inc.
InVerve Marketing & Web, Inc. is a full-service digital marketing agency based in Lansing, MI, specializing in websites, graphic design, lead generation, and HubSpot integration. Elevate your marketing with their innovative team of digital specialists.
Berline logo
Berline is a distinguished full-service marketing, advertising, and digital communications agency with a 36-year history of representing top-tier brands in B2C and B2B categories. Their core strength lies in strategic expertise, emphasizing that strategy is the key to success in marketing initiatives, guiding their creative, media, social, and PR efforts.
Filla Life Media LLC logo
Filla Life Media LLC
Filla Life Media LLC is a digital media and marketing company based in Grand Rapids, MI, specializing in bringing media to life with energy and vitality. They offer expertise in navigating digital landscapes to reach target audiences effectively, providing services for creating impactful digital media campaigns that yield exceptional results.
Metric Marketing logo
Metric Marketing
Metric Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency offering a range of services including strategy development, web development, SEO services, paid search campaigns, social media marketing, HubSpot services, content marketing, graphic design, and digital marketing analytics for various industries like law firms, biotech, software, and more.
RED66 Marketing LLC logo
RED66 Marketing LLC
RED66 Marketing LLC is a full-service Michigan digital marketing agency driven by relationships, boasting 20 years of industry experience and a focus on strategic marketing services including digital, social media, email, SEO, web design, and PPC advertising.
Dood Digital logo
Dood Digital
Dood Digital specializes in fueling your brand's growth with a digital marketing engine designed to accelerate your business. Their focus is on helping you reach your digital marketing goals by creating customized strategies tailored to your specific needs.
Doozy Digital Solutions logo
Doozy Digital Solutions
Doozy Digital Solutions, a smart marketing company based in the United States, offers outstanding and unique digital solutions tailored to enhance lead generation and sales conversion through a holistic approach encompassing user-friendly tools, unified brand messaging, website and app development, digital presence optimization, valuable content creation, social media management, and community engagement.
Mid Michigan Interactive logo
Mid Michigan Interactive
Mid Michigan Interactive is the premier Michigan Digital Marketing Agency offering reliable services to enhance online presence and marketing strategies.
MI Digital Solution logo
MI Digital Solution
MI Digital Solution offers a range of marketing services including website design, SEO, and Google Ads to help businesses enhance their online presence and reach their target audience effectively.
Make The Turn logo
Make The Turn
Make The Turn is a digital marketing firm that specializes in 'Complementary Marketing,' offering custom plans to enhance specific areas of digital marketing efforts. Their goal is to help businesses improve, grow revenue, and make the turn to the next level by leveraging their core services.
Marketing Qubed logo
Marketing Qubed
Marketing Qubed offers innovative digital marketing solutions that go beyond the ordinary, focusing on connecting brands with their target audience through strategic marketing methods. They aim to create meaningful human connections in the digital landscape, providing comprehensive services to boost brand market share and marketing ROI.
Stoney Creek Social Media logo
Stoney Creek Social Media
Stoney Creek Social Media offers comprehensive social and digital services, including website development, SEO/SEM, photography, videography, branding, and design solutions to help businesses thrive in the digital landscape.
The Marketing Initiative logo
The Marketing Initiative
The Marketing Initiative is a full-service marketing agency specializing in digital advertising, offering expertise in SEO and SEM. They focus on creating custom marketing strategies to help clients achieve their business goals and elevate their online presence through services like SEO boosting and Google AdWords.
WEB WIDE is a top-rated digital marketing agency in Southfield Michigan, empowering businesses with tailored Google Ads solutions to drive leads and sales across industries like HVAC companies and veterinarians. Focus on your business while they elevate your online presence for success.
Blohm Creative Partners logo
Blohm Creative Partners
Blohm Creative Partners is a marketing and advertising agency based in East Lansing, Michigan, offering digital marketing, web solutions, marketing solutions, and design solutions tailored to telling your story and driving results.
Then X Local logo
Then X Local
Then X Local is an exclusive lead generation digital marketing agency in SEO Warren, MI, specializing in helping businesses get more customers through a holistic approach. Their value lies in bringing referrals and assisting with phone calls, form submissions, web traffic, and online customer acquisition, ultimately aiding in building their clients' bottom line and protecting their digital brand.
Phire Group logo
Phire Group
Phire Group is a comprehensive ad, design, and marketing agency based in Ann Arbor that specializes in unlocking true brand potential, offering services beyond traditional marketing firms, advertising agencies, and more. Their focus is on creating inspired, consistent, and authentic brand ecosystems that connect with customers in a unique and unforgettable way.
Keystone Media logo
Keystone Media
Keystone Media is an Ann Arbor, MI web design agency and digital marketing service provider that specializes in creating beautiful, custom websites and implementing content marketing strategies to enhance online visibility, lead generation, and sales.