Last edited: June 3 2024

Top Creative Agencies in Baltimore

Novak Birch logo
Novak Birch
Novak Birch is a full-service agency specializing in strategic brand marketing, events, and experiential services, equipped with design and build capabilities to actualize your vision. They excel in problem-solving, dedicated to making meaningful connections for their clients.
Maryland Local Marketing logo
Maryland Local Marketing
Maryland Local Marketing offers a range of services including social media management, video production, email marketing, graphic and web design, as well as customized marketing strategies tailored to your business needs.
Propr logo
Propr is a creative agency offering growth-focused advising and creative services tailored for small businesses and non-profits seeking reliable and repeatable success. By developing authentic brand strategies that connect with customers on emotional levels, their comprehensive and tested approaches help businesses stand out and align with their audiences' values, ensuring steady growth, increased profit, and decreased risk.
Planit logo
Planit is an integrated advertising, branding, and marketing firm based in Baltimore, MD, specializing in helping business leaders make transformative brand decisions.
Full Sail Media logo
Full Sail Media
Full Sail Media is a comprehensive marketing agency offering a wide range of creative services such as photo and video production, branding, copywriting, and digital marketing solutions including social media management, PPC marketing, SEO services, and more for businesses looking to boost their online presence and growth.
Ainsley & Co. logo
Ainsley & Co.
Ainsley & Co. is a strategic marketing and advertising agency that specializes in building websites, creating videos, telling stories, and launching ad campaigns with a focus on delivering real ROI for businesses. Their services include strategic marketing and positioning, design and digital solutions, as well as integrated campaigns across various media channels.
Fifteen4 Creative Agency logo
Fifteen4 Creative Agency
Fifteen4 Creative Agency is a dynamic Baltimore-based agency offering branding and creative solutions across a range of services, from brand strategy to digital design, video production, and more, serving clients in Baltimore, DC, and VA.
Search Pros SEO logo
Search Pros SEO
Search Pros specializes in helping contractors generate more qualified leads through effective paid and organic search marketing strategies, addressing the common challenge of fluctuating workloads in the home service industry. By offering tailored solutions to combat slow periods and ensure ongoing business growth, Search Pros aims to keep the phone ringing consistently for their clients.