Last edited: May 24 2024

Top Advertising Agencies in California

Heirloom logo
Heirloom crafts enduring strategies, resonant names, and timeless brands that leave an intangible value. Their work epitomizes lasting quality and storytelling, ensuring brands stand the test of time with names that hold significant narratives.
Lead Nurture Close Web Marketing logo
Lead Nurture Close Web Marketing
Lead Nurture Close Web Marketing specializes in crafting tailored digital strategies for landscaping and outdoor service businesses, helping them optimize their online presence and reach their target audience effectively.
Apollo Marketing Agency logo
Apollo Marketing Agency
Apollo Marketing Agency is Sacramento's premier marketing and video production agency, specializing in web development, SEO, videography, paid ads, branding, and logo design. They aim to be your team of professionals, offering expertise without being 'yes men.'
Visceral Concepts logo
Visceral Concepts
Visceral Concepts offers small business marketing, branding, and consulting services in Eastvale, CA. Their specialized services aim to get brands noticed, allowing businesses to focus on what they love while Visceral Concepts handles getting the word out.
Strive Enterprise logo
Strive Enterprise
Strive Enterprise offers a range of premium website design and maintenance services, including WordPress and Shopify websites. With locations in major cities across the U.S., they also provide video editing, design services, hosting, and SEO solutions.
Brand Authors logo
Brand Authors
Brand Authors at specialize in building innovative brands that make a difference by blending smart technology with rich design. Connect with us for comprehensive brand development services including brand design, social and community development, influencer strategy, website and landing pages, content marketing, and SEO strategy.
Advantage Marketing logo
Advantage Marketing
Advantage Marketing is a leading digital marketing agency specializing in creating tailored strategies to drive growth and maximize ROI for businesses of all sizes.
EastBright Marketing logo
EastBright Marketing
EastBright Marketing offers a range of digital marketing services such as Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising, emphasizing a personalized approach to help clients grow their online presence effectively. Their tools and resources like THE Data Scraper and PixelVibe Chrome Recorder enhance their marketing strategies for optimal results.
Self Made Concepts Inc logo
Self Made Concepts Inc
Self Made Concepts Inc specializes in transforming brands into industry leaders through innovative marketing strategies, ultimately boosting sales, expanding market share, and building a dedicated customer base.
MarketStorm logo
MarketStorm is a revolutionary agency specializing in data-driven growth for home service companies. Unlike traditional marketing agencies, they focus on understanding your business and use cutting-edge technology to revolutionize your marketing strategies, find high-quality leads, dominate markets, and ensure you stay ahead of the competition.
Lure Agency logo
Lure Agency
Lure Agency is a hospitality B2B marketing agency that crafts bridges for hotel sales teams and industry leaders, focusing on nurturing long-lasting relationships. Step into Lucy's Lounge to immerse in a world of whispered tales and timeless beats, evoking an air of intrigue for those daring to explore this hidden haven.
DASH TWO combines expertise in digital media with the art of outdoor advertising, simplifying and empowering media buying for clients. With a focus on data analysis and powerful strategies, they enable businesses to compete effectively and succeed in their markets.
Gush Inc logo
Gush Inc
Gush Inc. specializes in marketing, social, and creative services, offering strategic solutions such as keyword strategies, focused placements, metrics evaluation, and original content creation to help clients achieve optimal results in their digital endeavors.
MuteSix logo
MuteSix is a performance marketing agency specializing in paid social, retail media, paid search, and creative services, including design, content, and production, to help businesses grow and succeed online.
RevChimp logo
RevChimp is a direct-response digital marketing agency that helps businesses dominate their industry by showing the right offers on the right channels at the right time, resulting in significant sales growth and high client retention.
Online Ethos Digital Marketing logo
Online Ethos Digital Marketing
Online Ethos is a top-rated digital marketing agency in El Cajon, CA, specializing in website design and local search optimization. They help small business owners enhance their online reputation and visibility through innovative web solutions and cutting-edge marketing strategies, ensuring increased website traffic and improved business rankings.
Wild Posting® logo
Wild Posting®
Wild Posting® utilizes street-level advertising methods, such as pasting paper and vinyl posters on buildings, construction sites, and barricades. This form of advertising, also known as flyposting, is prevalent in major urban markets globally.
TVGla logo
TVGla is a digital-first performance creative agency working with leading brands to produce and manage high-touch, high-volume performance creative, specializing in rapidly moving environments. Their work includes being the NBA's AOR for performance marketing creative and partnering with Max (formerly HBO Max) for continuous high volume, multi-format assets across various marketing teams.
Altifide Marketing logo
Altifide Marketing
Altifide Marketing is a cutting-edge digital marketing agency specializing in creating innovative strategies to help businesses boost their online presence, engage with their target audience, and achieve their marketing goals effectively.
Brandora Collective logo
Brandora Collective
Brandora Collective is a boutique brand consultancy specializing in delivering brand clarity and distinction through design and brand strategy.
Chris Ertz, Digital Marketing Consultant logo
Chris Ertz, Digital Marketing Consultant
Chris Ertz is a Digital Marketing Consultant based in El Cajon, CA, specializing in services such as local search, review marketing, paid advertising, social media, websites, organic SEO, and the RevLocal Marketing Platform. Chris Ertz caters to clients in industries like Health & Wellness, Home & Auto, including Assisted Living, Dentists & Orthodontists, Doctors, Medi Spas, Health & Fitness, and Urgent Care.
Stratiss Digital Marketing logo
Stratiss Digital Marketing
Stratiss Digital Marketing specializes in transforming auto body shop websites into lead-generating powerhouses, offering a comprehensive system tailored for this niche industry. Their focused services encompass SEO, PPC, and website design, empowering auto body shop owners to navigate the competitive market successfully.
San Diego Web Designs logo
San Diego Web Designs
San Diego Web Designs is a reputable search engine optimization company in San Diego, offering comprehensive services in search engine ranking, technology, strategy, creativity, and marketing to develop and sustain critical solutions for their clients.
Agency Leverage logo
Agency Leverage
Agency Leverage is a growth engine tailored for benefits brokers and the commercial insurance industry, aiming to assist top brokers, agencies, and vendors in expanding their businesses. Led by B2B insurance marketing expert Dennis Carlson, Agency Leverage offers a fully outsourced turnkey solution utilizing a network of skilled professionals to drive growth in the insurance sector.
Freedom Digital Marketing logo
Freedom Digital Marketing
Partner with Freedom Digital Marketing to get a leg up on your competition and become the go-to company for your service-based business. Their innovative marketing strategies will make you stand out and attract the best clients, taking your business to a whole new level!
Anderson logo
Anderson is a direct, digital, and ROI agency that is creatively driven, data-informed, and people-powered, focused on driving business growth through fresh creative strategies that provide clear ROI for brands.
Digital Market Mind logo
Digital Market Mind
Digital Market Mind is a certified digital marketing agency offering PPC, web design, social media, and search engine optimization solutions. Your digital success starts here with their services tailored to enhance online presence and brand visibility.
Interscope Marketing logo
Interscope Marketing
Interscope Marketing is a leading digital marketing agency specializing in web development, social media marketing, local SEO, video marketing, and branding services. Their tailored approach helps businesses establish a strong online presence, engage with their target audience, and boost revenue.
Embark | Digital Marketing for Nonprofits & SMB logo
Embark | Digital Marketing for Nonprofits & SMB
Embark is a hybrid web agency specializing in digital marketing for nonprofits and small businesses, offering boutique-level care alongside full-service capabilities. They provide customized services tailored to diverse budgets and goals, catering to organizations like startups and small businesses.
Anything But Typical logo
Anything But Typical
Anything But Typical is a multifaceted marketing and business development company based in Poway, California. They offer a non-conventional approach to meeting business marketing needs across various industries, helping clients increase business visibility and grow their customer base with high impact strategies.
Innovating Media Group logo
Innovating Media Group
Innovating Media Group is more than just an advertising agency—it serves as your innovative voice, offering creative and effective marketing solutions. Their 360-degree marketing approach covers traditional and new media, digital strategies, events, promotions, and activations, utilizing strong industry relationships to deliver optimal results for your company.
Dex Media logo
Dex Media
Dex Media provides a comprehensive Small Business Software and CRM System known as Thryv, offering tools like a centralized inbox, business management features, marketing solutions, and a marketplace for additional services, catering to various industries such as home services, health and wellness, and legal sectors.
WebsiteService4All logo
WebsiteService4All offers local, affordable web design services in San Diego. Specializing in business websites, construction company templates, WordPress expertise, web advertising solutions, and website maintenance by web developers in San Diego.
Market Now Media logo
Market Now Media
Market Now Media takes a multi-company approach to enhance exposure across diverse customer demographics for small and medium-sized businesses, yielding promising results in California and Costa Rica. With expertise in marketing, advertising, and branding, they aim to make a difference for companies by providing a real commitment to success for over 25 years.
NETFLY - Law Firm Marketing logo
NETFLY - Law Firm Marketing
NETFLY is the elite Law Firm Marketing Agency specializing in rapid growth, accelerating Tier-1 law firms. They offer aggressive legal marketing campaigns for firms aiming for rapid expansion, helping clients add $1M - $12M in their first year as marketing partners.
Suzuki-Marketing logo
Suzuki-Marketing Incorporated is an international marketing entity specializing in wine, spirits, sake, and shochu marketing, distribution, and public relations. Founded in 2004, their services have expanded to include import/export activities and collaborations with clients in the US and Asia across various industries such as food, beverage, technology, and consumer products.
Strategic Marketing logo
Strategic Marketing
Strategic Marketing is dedicated to crafting customer acquisition campaigns that guarantee measurable results, leveraging over 20 years of experience to cut through market noise and respond dynamically to feedback. Specializing in Telecom, Entertainment, and more, they excel at creating impactful partnerships between companies and customers.
Snow Digital PR logo
Snow Digital PR
Snow Digital PR is a top digital PR agency known for providing public relations services to a diverse clientele, ranging from small startups to large corporations. With a proven track record of success, they offer comprehensive and affordable digital marketing solutions tailored to meet each client's specific needs.
The Beauty Brander logo
The Beauty Brander
The Beauty Brander offers exceptional digital marketing strategies tailored for beauty, luxury, and aesthetics service providers seeking to expand their client base. With a focus on understanding target audiences and creating resonant content, they help businesses elevate their online presence and increase bookings effectively.
Four Sail Digital Marketing logo
Four Sail Digital Marketing
Four Sail Digital Marketing is a leading marketing consulting firm specializing in growing brands and scaling businesses through top platforms like Shopify. With expertise in eCommerce development and a focus on core elements like cost per acquisition and lifetime value, Four Sail is dedicated to bringing your business vision to life.
MJS Web Solutions logo
MJS Web Solutions
MJS Web Solutions is a Bay Area web design company based in Alameda, CA, offering custom website design services that inspire, educate, persuade, and convert. Their team specializes in solving web problems, providing support that produces real, lasting results and partnering with clients to turn stress into success for upcoming projects.
The MarkeTech Group logo
The MarkeTech Group
The MarkeTech Group is a provider of innovative technology solutions like IMAGEPRO™, SIMPRO™, REACTOR™, VWPRO™, CHATPRO™, and PROFILER™, gearing towards enhancing customer satisfaction, optimizing pricing strategies, developing future-proof products, and understanding customers' daily medical practices.
DigiGriot logo
DigiGriot is a digital marketing agency specializing in web design, SEO, and inbound marketing. They excel in telling your brand's story through strategic goal-setting and creative implementation.
Fly Posting logo
Fly Posting
Fly Posting, also known as Guerilla Advertising or wheat pasting, offers endless possibilities for outdoor advertising in cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and Chicago. With a focus on creativity and wild posting, they welcome the craziest advertising ideas from their clients.
Linda Rosenberg Marketing Consulting logo
Linda Rosenberg Marketing Consulting
Linda Rosenberg Marketing Consulting offers integrated marketing strategies that encompass a 360-degree approach, ensuring all touchpoints work in synergy to elevate your marketing strategy.
Four Sail logo
Four Sail
Four Sail is a leading marketing consulting agency specializing in business development for growing brands. With expertise in eCommerce development and a track record of building over 200 successful websites, they offer top-notch services for brands looking to scale and sell directly to consumers.
Crossover Creative logo
Crossover Creative
Crossover Creative specializes in building brands by crafting unique strategies and creative executions to help businesses stand out in the market. They offer services in brand creative strategy, positioning, and development, empowering companies to compete effectively and grow.
Modern Practice | Marketing | Advertising | Branding | Media | Consulting logo
Modern Practice | Marketing | Advertising | Branding | Media | Consulting
Modern Practice is the premier marketing agency specializing in personalized marketing solutions for doctors. Based in Los Angeles with a nationwide reach, they offer industry-leading strategies focusing on branding, advertising, media, and consulting with a track record of high client retention.
BlacART Creative Group, Inc. logo
BlacART Creative Group, Inc.
BlacART Creative Group, Inc. is San Diego's premier FULL SERVICE DESIGN firm dedicated to transforming brands, growing businesses, and enhancing people's lives through innovative experiences. They serve as a strategic partner, helping organizations thrive by creating impactful branding and marketing solutions.
Creator Marketing logo
Creator Marketing
Creator Marketing is a dedicated marketing and advertising agency focused on client success, having launched over 25K ads, served 60+ clients, and managed 200+ ad campaigns with a significant ad spend. They offer a range of digital advertising services, including Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, TikTok Ads, and YouTube Ads, along with product design, funnels, SMS and email marketing, video editing, and creative services.