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Last updated: February 18 2024

Top Social Media Marketing Companies in Lethbridge

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Brand Stamp Marketing
Brand Stamp Marketing is a comprehensive marketing firm offering a variety of services from social media marketing to graphic design and videography. Specializing in community-focused, personal, and strategic creative solutions, the company aims to take brands to the next level and bring business visions to life.
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Hybrid Creative
Hybrid Creative is a firm that excels in providing distinctive and genuine experiences through captivating branding, web design, graphic design, and strategic marketing. This company focuses on elevating businesses with impactful creativity, using methods such as brand voice shaping and digital identity management for consistent messaging. Moreover, Hybrid Creative strategically merges branding with SEO and PPC to augment visibility, drive revenue, and facilitate growth in a competitive digital environment.
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SamSocial offers social media marketing services, including social media audit, profile setup, content strategy, and management. Their unique approach combines creativity and fun, exposing businesses to unique marketing techniques while maintaining professional standards.
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Genex Marketing Lethbridge
Genex Marketing offers an array of digital marketing services, focusing on areas like web design, social media advertising, search advertising, branding & design, agency marketing, search engine optimization, reputation management. The firm caters to the needs of various clients aiming to enhance their visibility and reputation in the online space.
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Wensley Media
Wensley Media is a comprehensive digital marketing agency that specializes in result-driven strategies, encompassing services from website development to social media campaigns. They provide customized growth strategies to businesses across all stages of development, with a focus on brand awareness, sales increase, and trust-building in their clients' marketing strategies.
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IN motion social
INmotion Social provides social marketing and advertising solutions, specializing in serving Southern Alberta. Their service offerings range from creative development to strategic planning, effectively promoting their clients' interests.
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Vertech Marketing Inc.
Vertech Marketing Inc. specializes in website design and digital marketing strategies that help small businesses and entrepreneurs enhance their brand presence online. They offer services which encompass creative design, effective SEO implementation, analytics and data-driven advertising to attract and convert viewers into buyers for their clients.
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Sword Marketing
Sword Marketing offers innovative marketing solutions to local businesses, using a variety of techniques including web design, video and lead generation, and branding. They utilize well-planned marketing funnels and state-of-the-art design to maximize a business’s digital presence and attraction. Their team of experts are proficient in effective website building, SEO strategies, sales funnel creation, and lead generation to propel businesses forward.