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Last updated: February 18 2024

Top SEO Agencies in Victoria

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Purple Pig
Purple Pig is a comprehensive digital marketing company specializing in website design, SEO services, online advertising, social media management, email marketing, and website hosting. The firm digs deep into building successful online strategies, ensuring clients' websites are mobile and responsive, optimize user experience, and are easily searchable with professionally structured SEO.
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The Web Advisors
The Web Advisors is a marketing agency with a focus on enhancing online presence. They offer services as consultants and are well-equipped to assist in developing effective digital strategies.
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Leap XD
Leap XD is a company specializing in web design, branding, and other digital design services. They help businesses stand out and scale up through comprehensive website projects tailored to a variety of industries such as travel, real estate, and health. Their signature work extends to creating engaging, authentic brand stories for clients across diverse sectors.
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eclipse 360
Eclipse 360 operates as a full-service marketing and design agency, offering services in strategy, creativity, marketing, and development. The team provides a 360-degree perspective on clients' brand strategy, marketing, and communication needs on both traditional and digital platforms, delivering exceptionally compelling and effective results.
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Alley Kat Signs and Marketing is a versatile company specializing in digital marketing, web design, and sign creation. They offer a range of services, including Google Business Profile management, reputation management, graphic design, printed graphics, and sign design and production, helping brands establish their online presence and enhance in-person recognition through their expertise of over 35 years. With a favorable Google review rating, they are valued for delivering prompt, courteous service, and effective results.
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Voltage New Media Inc.
Voltage New Media Inc. is an expert in Shopify eCommerce web design and aids boutiques in selling their products simply and efficiently. The team is comprised of professional designers, developers, and marketers who craft visually stunning websites that provide an exceptional user experience. With a focus on both the strength and beauty of simplicity, they help businesses establish an online presence using the selling power of Shopify or the flexibility of WordPress.
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RFDM Solutions Inc.
RFDM Solutions Inc. is a growth marketing agency that specializes in customizing solutions to align with the business goals of its clients. Their expertise spans across Web Design, Zoho Consulting, Salesforce Consulting, HubSpot Consulting, Marketing Automation, and Data Driven Marketing Solutions. Combining the skills of coders, designers, data analysts, artists, and database experts, they are prepared to assist at any stage of a customer's journey.
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LYF Marketing
LYF Marketing specializes in providing comprehensive marketing and design services tailored for Realtors® and developers. Services include stunning website design, social media management, branding and design, new development marketing and Google Ads & lead generation aimed at business growth. The approach involves working closely with clients to develop innovative strategies and bespoke designs to impress potential clients.
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tartanbond - Victoria
Tartanbond is a full-service creative digital marketing and PR agency, passionate about telling brands' stories and fostering growth. They offer an integrated suite of services such as digital marketing, SEO, web, PR, social media, creative content, crisis communication, etc., driving client satisfaction through strong bonds and innovative solutions.
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Stand Out Online Marketing Inc.
Stand Out Online Marketing Inc. provides comprehensive website design and online marketing services targeting small businesses. Their expertise includes crafting WordPress sites with SEO optimization, providing web hosting and maintenance, consulting, and ensuring mobile responsiveness.
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Blue Notes Marketing
Blue Notes Marketing specializes in online advertising, providing businesses with the ability to promote their products or services across various platforms including Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and LinkedIn. With a focus on paid advertising, the company prides itself on exceptional service, dedicating all efforts to perfecting ad strategies and engagement for its clients.
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KHB Web Design
Web Design specializes in effective web design and digital marketing services, tailored for small businesses. Focusing on responsive and creative design, KHB Web Design aims to maximize clients' online presence and return on investment. Their services encompass SEO website design, online marketing strategy, eCommerce solutions, and social media marketing strategy services.
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Monalo Media - SEO Agency
Monalo Media is an SEO and Paid Ads agency that specializes in increasing web presence and customer acquisition for local businesses. They service a range of clients, notably home service providers and health professionals, through Google Ads management, SEO, and Google Business Profile services.
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WaveFlow Marketing
WaveFlow Marketing is a digital marketing agency specializing in the creation of high converting advertising campaigns for service businesses across North America. Their services encompass Paid Ads Management, Conversion Rate Optimization, Website Building, and Brand Development. Their dedicated professional team focuses on delivering exceptional results, striving to bring more business through targeted traffic and high-converting, optimized landing pages.
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RingPartner provides effective lead generation campaigns that allow businesses to connect with more consumers who need their services. Through real-time data, analytics, and a trusted network of performance marketing experts, they help businesses grow their reach. They focus on delivering high quality leads with tools like calls, lead forms, and transfers, while also making sure to filter out the ones that are not needed.
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Loomo Marketing
Loomo is a Canadian digital marketing and branding agency that offers a range of branding, creative design, and marketing services to audacious brands. The firm places a heavy emphasis on brand growth, using measurable objectives and performance tracking to drive business success. With expertise in brand development, graphic design, web development, and marketing strategy, Loomo promises to deliver audience-first brand experiences that enable businesses to rise to the next level.
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McNamara Communications
McNamara Communications is a company that specializes in strategic advertising, marketing, and website copywriting. They aim to engage audiences with clear, creative, and credible content that not only attracts customers but also converts them into buyers.
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Marc Stoiber Brand Consultant
Marc Stoiber Brand Consultant assists companies in developing effective, easy-to-understand branding in an often complex and noisy marketplace. Utilizing years of experience and a range of resources, including an e-book guide, presentation strategies, and an award-winning book on current marketing trends, the consultant provides tools to avoid common branding mistakes and create compelling brand messages. Whether working with global brands or start-ups, the end goal is to establish a brand message that truly reflects a company's core principles while resonating with customers.
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MarineView Media
MarineView Media specializes in professional web design and search engine optimization (SEO), providing businesses with the solutions needed to establish a powerful online presence. They utilize modern designs and robust SEO strategies to attract and convert customers, along with offering website management services for smooth online operations.
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McAllister Marketing
McAllister Marketing is a comprehensive marketing and branding company that offers services such as market research, strategy development, branding, graphic design, online and offline marketing, and web design and development. The company specializes in attracting, converting, and retaining customers and developing marketing and branding strategies that yield impactful results.
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PPC Solutions
PPC Solutions Canada specializes in managing Google Ads campaigns for small businesses. Their services include optimizing Google Ads campaigns and providing a Google Ads Management service, aiming to help clients attract and retain customers. The company offers flexible contracts with no minimums and a small business-friendly approach, ensuring that no budget is too small for its specialized services.
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SparkHive Digital
SparkHive Digital is a female-run company, specializing in providing expert content, social media, and web solutions to help businesses scale and achieve their digital brand goals. With a history in tech startups and a knack for graphic design and social media, they offer a range of services including social media management, graphic design, web design, content marketing, and copywriting. Led by co-founders Tiffany and Anna, they focus on delivering high-quality work, building long-lasting client relationships, and tailoring their approach to each unique project.
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DMC Works
DMC Works is a digital marketing agency that offers various services, including web design, development, search engine optimization, and paid media management. Their objective is to build exceptional websites, generate targeted traffic, and convert website visitors into customers by leveraging their two decades of industry experience.

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