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Last updated: February 18 2024

Top SEO Agencies in Nanaimo

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Groovetrotter Designs
Groovetrotter Designs is a creative agency specializing in web and graphic design, marketing, and DIY templates. They offer comprehensive packages including branding, social media management, and email marketing campaigns to help small businesses grow their digital presence. Their customized, affordable websites harness SEO best practices, and they also offer editable Canva templates to clients for their business needs.
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PalbergWERX Creative Direction
PalbergWERX Creative Direction is a creative agency that, unlike other agencies, provides direct contact with its creative talent, ensuring a more streamlined and personalized service. It has over 25 years of experience in design, advertising and marketing, with a dedication to understanding and strategizing for the unique business goals and requirements of each client. Services provided by PalbergWERX include brand strategy and tactics, logo and identity asset design, marketing material production, photo and video editing, ad campaigns and media purchases, inbound/outbound digital campaigns, and website design and content creation.
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VSP Media specializes in delivering high-quality web design, video production, and social media marketing. Their expertise lies in creating striking, easily navigable websites with strong visibility in search engines, as well as crafting compelling social media strategies and professional video content.
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Cross Over Media
Cross Over Media is a premier marketing agency offering a suite of web design and print solutions. They specialize in custom web design, graphic design, print solutions, and the optimization of social media platforms and search engines. Additionally, Cross Over Media provides video testimonial services, reflecting a modern approach to building credibility and trust with potential customers.
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SEO Nanaimo
SEO Nanaimo is a specialized SEO agency that ensures high visibility online through strategic SEO practices. The company drives traffic and leads by achieving top rankings on Google for businesses, effectively turning their websites into full-time sales machines.
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Elite Image Software Corp
Elite Image Software Corp is a comprehensive service provider specializing in graphic design, print, marketing, and promotional product solutions. Catering to every industry, the company offers high-quality, budget-friendly design and print services. Elite Image also offers a range of promotional and marketing services, notably digital marketing and marketing for realtors.
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ALPHA IT & Web offers a comprehensive range of information technology and web development solutions, including cybersecurity, IT consulting, web development and hosting, ecommerce, and UX design. Leveraging its experienced team of IT and web experts, the company provides continuous, scalable, and customized solutions designed to enhance business agility and drive innovation. Additionally, ALPHA provides safety measures for organizations through proactive monitoring and securing of their IT environments, guarding against threats like ransomware and malware.
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Stack Digital Co
Stack Digital Co is a full-service digital agency that prides itself on helping businesses realize their digital potential by offering a wide variety of services like website design, development, digital and social media marketing, search engine optimization, and business consulting. Their approach is about creating clear, intuitive, and pleasant digital experiences that resonate with real people and create brand recognition, all the while maintaining a commitment to delivering an on-brand product for businesses at any level of existing or non-existing digital presences.
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Mindsai Creative
Mindsai Creative is a dynamic team of designers and creatives dedicated to fostering the growth of local businesses through web design, branding, and marketing services. They pride themselves on delivering personalized solutions that span website design, branding, marketing and graphic design, ensuring no project or task is beyond their capabilities.
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DoCart - Nanaimo
DoCart is a comprehensive digital marketing firm that specializes in SEO consulting, web design, video marketing, lead generation, call tracking, and Google AdWords among other services. Their expertise lies in bolstering the online presence of businesses, keeping focus on their core competencies while letting DoCart handle the rest.

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