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Last updated: February 18 2024

Top PR Agencies in Summerland

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Barefoot Creative
Barefoot Creative is a dynamic digital marketing company that specializes in creating targeted strategies to drive business growth. They help businesses of all sizes increase their online presence through brand strategy and customer experience enhancements. With a team of passionate professionals ranging from social media managers to website creators, their expertise lies in tailoring solutions to help businesses connect with their audiences effectively.
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Porthos Media
Porthos Media is a family-owned content solution firm that specialises in providing a range of services such as copywriting, audio and video production, web design, podcast production and search engine optimization. The media house aims to assist businesses in running their promotional strategies by providing high-quality edited content that is both user-friendly and sales-oriented. This company is equipped with a team of skilled copywriters, editors and producers who are experts in handling diverse projects, from blogs to audio and video editing and more.
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Tradecraft Media Inc.
Tradecraft Media Inc. specializes in affordable digital marketing solutions, focusing primarily on the hospitality industry, real estate agents, and local retailers. Key services offered include videography, photography, creation of virtual showrooms, iGuide 3D Tours, and responsive web design. Their goal is to generate results that improve the client's bottom line.
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Badgirl Branding
Badgirl Branding Ltd. is an award-winning firm specializing in creating brand and corporate identities for various companies. Their offerings range widely, from web design and social media management to graphic design and product photography. The team prides themselves on tailored services, aiming to form long-term relationships with clients to ensure their ongoing success.
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KJB Digital
KJB Digital is a firm that specializes in assisting businesses enhance their online presence and attract potential customers. They offer a range of services including unique, affordable site design, branding packages, social media advertising, search engine optimization, and digital ad optimization. With over 15 years of industry experience, they also provide engaging content creation, aimed at inspiring customers and making meaningful connections between brands and their key audiences.
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Blue Sprout Marketing
Blue Sprout Marketing specializes in effective content marketing strategies designed to attract the right audience. Their approach focuses on providing consistent and sustainable growth, likened to perennial plants that thrive year after year. Blue Sprout Marketing serves as your own mini marketing department, offering valuable support towards building a strong audience connection and growth.
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Graphically Hip
Graphically Hip is a marketing agency that specializes in various services including LED Neon creation, logo and branding design, wraps, decals and signs, web design, small format apparel, promotional engraving, and fractal burning. They offer unique strategies to enhance brands visually, making them more appealing and impactful to their respective audiences.