Last edited: May 24 2024

Top PR Agencies in Saint-Georges

iClic inc. logo
iClic inc.
iClic inc. is a leading agency in the development and implementation of web marketing solutions. Their team offers business development strategies on the web, with constantly evolving services to keep pace with the changing realities of the online world. Besides, they provide a range of solutions including retailer location systems linked to Google Map, e-commerce services, and content management.
Neo TV logo
Neo TV
NeoTV is a company that efficiently broadcasts regional information and advertising content, with a 70/30 split favoring regional information through its partner Their carefully chosen networks optimize advertising efforts, maximizing the client's advertising impact and creating numerous new possibilities.
Katsch Design logo
Katsch Design
KATSCH Design specializes in innovative, responsive website design, graphic standards creation, and corporate photography. They provide an all-inclusive service that includes graphics, printing, and delivery, maintaining a superior quality standard in all their offerings.
Publicité Xtranumerik inc. logo
Publicité Xtranumerik inc.
Publicité Xtranumerik Inc. specializes in improving businesses' communication capabilities via innovative dynamic displays. They design and operate interactive screen networks and provide services like displaying the day's menus and efficient product showcasing. Additionally, they offer a large-scale advertising platform that garners significant weekly viewership.
Le Département Marketing logo
Le Département Marketing
Le Département Marketing functions as an external marketing department, specifically for firms seeking superior internal marketing services without the accompanying structure. Their daily services include the development of marketing and communication plans, budget management, graphic design for marketing tools, website creation or updates, social media management, creation and management of digital and traditional advertisements, newsletter creation, and assistance in managing a company's marketing resources and their recruitment.
Stratégie Marketing RH logo
Stratégie Marketing RH
Stratégie Marketing RH specializes in providing strategic web marketing and human resources management solutions. Their diverse range of services includes HR auditing, strategic HR marketing planning, employer branding, career webpage creation, HR communications and more. The company excels in optimizing resources to create a smooth recruitment process, comprehensive employee handbooks, and effective HR training workshops.
Ubéo solutions web logo
Ubéo solutions web
Ubéo Solutions specializes in web development, providing tailored solutions such as website design, e-commerce stores, web programming, and content management. Alongside their web services, they also offer digital marketing services that include search engine optimization, social media management, email marketing, and employer branding. The company caters to businesses looking to enhance their online presence, providing both technical support and creative design services.
La boîte. logo
La boîte.
La boîte is a dynamic marketing agency that empowers businesses by merging their visions with the agency's innovative strategies to accomplish their projects. With a devotion to client values, La boîte provides personalized, professional, and stylish marketing results that aim to astonish.
IC Zones logo
IC Zones
IC Zones specializes in developing effective web solutions, ranging from straightforward to complex requirements. With a team of experienced web analysts and developers, they can transform projects into efficient web solutions that users will love. They also excel in managing change inherent in every IT project, making sure to respect deadlines and budgets.
Véro Labbé Communications logo
Véro Labbé Communications
Véro Labbé Communications is a firm that specializes in guiding individuals and businesses through the rapidly evolving digital world of communications. They offer helpful advice, training, and support in areas such as cybersecurity, and utilizing technological tools to adapt and thrive in the changing work environment.