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Last updated: February 18 2024

Top PR Agencies in Newfoundland and Labrador

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Newfoundcare offers a range of services including research, awareness campaigns, training programs, writing/editing, SWOT analysis, and media relations. Their mission is to support their clients through tailor-made solutions and strategic insights.
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Target Marketing & Communications
Target Marketing and Communications Inc. is a creative agency specializing in innovative advertising strategies that capture modern audiences and build long-term brand equity. Through a strategic blend of creativity and business insights, the company constructs compelling brand narratives that differentiate clients from their competitors. This firm has been recognized as Canada’s Inaugural Small Agency of the Year for its exceptional work.
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I Design Ltd.
iDesign Ltd. is an all-in-one print agency that offers a wide range of services including high-quality printing on various mediums, comprehensive branding solutions, and custom vehicle wraps. Their goal is to help businesses grow by creating attractive designs and visual stories that effectively communicate their brand message.
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VEE CREATIVE GROUP specializes in creating unique and engaging brand identities and designs. They enhance their clients' business presence through services such as logo design and marketing. Various companies such as NLCU, Maderra Engineering, and Dr. Jack Hand Legacy Foundation have benefited from their branding and marketing expertise.
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Focused Creative
Focused Creative is a marketing and strategic creative solutions agency offering services such as branding and identity systems, advertising, print, digital and online, and logo design. They provide affordable, innovative and strategic solutions to increase visibility, market understanding and brand value for both established businesses and new startups. With an emphasis on impactful, sales-driven creativity and over 25 years of experience, they offer strategic graphic design and small business marketing, helping businesses deliver their unique selling propositions more effectively.
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Cutting Edge Digital Marketing & Entertainment
Cutting Edge Digital Marketing & Entertainment is a start-up providing comprehensive digital solutions. They provide a range of services from technical writing, software development, and global marketing efforts for client products. In addition to these services, the company has future ambitions to venture into the realms of CGI in films and video game development.