Last edited: May 24 2024

Top PR Agencies in British Columbia

Kipling Media logo
Kipling Media
Kipling Media is a full-scale marketing agency that excels in building brands and telling their stories. They offer wide-ranging marketing services including social media marketing, SEO strategies, content creation, and performance marketing. Besides, they specialize in website development and creating visually engaging graphic design, and produce high-quality content that resonates with consumers.
Graphically Hip logo
Graphically Hip
Graphically Hip is a marketing agency that specializes in various services including LED Neon creation, logo and branding design, wraps, decals and signs, web design, small format apparel, promotional engraving, and fractal burning. They offer unique strategies to enhance brands visually, making them more appealing and impactful to their respective audiences.
Primus Studio • Creative Visual Solutions logo
Primus Studio • Creative Visual Solutions
Primus Studio is an award-winning design and photography studio that delivers creative visual solutions to bring ideas to life. They specialize in commercial, advertisement, product and lifestyle photography, as well as print and publication design, concept development, and branding & identity. With almost twenty years of experience in graphic design and photography industries, Primus Studio offers professional and stylish visual solutions that enhance their client's business or product.
Tiny Tomato Design logo
Tiny Tomato Design
Tiny Tomato Design is a leading marketing and design agency specializing in real estate. Their services include crafting elite brands, creating marketing materials and high-performing websites, generating leads, and providing social media, online advertising, and SEO solutions. With a strong focus on storytelling and achieving a competitive edge, they cater to both large established companies and start-ups alike.
Zhu Luxury Lifestyle (Ikigai Marketing) logo
Zhu Luxury Lifestyle (Ikigai Marketing)
Zhu Luxury Lifestyle, also known as Ikigai Marketing, is a creative agency specifically catering to real estate developers seeking effective results. Supported by an experienced team in the real estate marketing sector, the agency delivers tailor-made marketing strategies, utilizes advanced technology, and offers personalized service to meet the unique needs of each client. From the initial concept to the selling of the last property, the agency ensures the success of every project.
Navigator Multimedia  logo
Navigator Multimedia
Navigator Multimedia is a digital marketing agency with expertise in web designing that has been in business since 1993. They specialize in building brands and eye-catching websites, while also providing comprehensive digital marketing services to help businesses succeed in the online realm. They cater to various industries including B2B, B2C, non-profits, ecommerce, real estate, and tourism.
Csek Creative logo
Csek Creative
Csek Creative is a full-service marketing and creative agency that assists businesses in both digital and traditional marketing. They offer a comprehensive range of services from content marketing, website design and development, to print collateral. Their holistic approach ensures businesses convey their story effectively to their target market, saving time and resources on ineffective messaging.
The Orange Bear logo
The Orange Bear
The Orange Bear is a digital marketing agency offering SEO-optimized solutions to help businesses expand their online presence. Their comprehensive services include SEO marketing, Pay Per Click advertising, social media marketing, and content creation. They aim to drive traffic, increase leads, sales and boost branding through high-quality, targeted content.
Badgirl Branding logo
Badgirl Branding
Badgirl Branding Ltd. is an award-winning firm specializing in creating brand and corporate identities for various companies. Their offerings range widely, from web design and social media management to graphic design and product photography. The team prides themselves on tailored services, aiming to form long-term relationships with clients to ensure their ongoing success.
Blue Sprout Marketing logo
Blue Sprout Marketing
Blue Sprout Marketing specializes in effective content marketing strategies designed to attract the right audience. Their approach focuses on providing consistent and sustainable growth, likened to perennial plants that thrive year after year. Blue Sprout Marketing serves as your own mini marketing department, offering valuable support towards building a strong audience connection and growth.
Spring Advertising logo
Spring Advertising
Spring Advertising is a full-service, on-demand strategy and creative agency that offers a range of services including branding and real estate advertising. With extensive experience across various industries, they aim to provide brand clarity for their clients, helping them create impactful advertising campaigns for powerful growth. The agency boasts a track record of success in the real estate industry, having sold over $2 billion in private residences.
front + centre communications logo
front + centre communications
Front + Centre Communications is a modern communications agency that supports game-changing brands through bespoke solutions in areas like media relations, influencer marketing, brand partnerships, events, and more. With a specialty in helping brands gain credibility and cultural relevance, the team of expert storytellers caters to next-generation, purpose-driven corporations, scale-ups, and disruptive startups, aiding them in reputation management and growth.
Website Marketing Pros logo
Website Marketing Pros
Website Marketing Pros is a comprehensive digital marketing agency that offers online marketing services including SEO, social media optimization, web design, and PPC advertising, among others. The company is also experienced in mobile design and SEO for mobile platforms. Well-rounded in their field, Website Marketing Pros tailors their marketing strategies and web design to give businesses an edge over their competitors.
MarketEdge.Pro logo
MarketEdge.Pro is a consulting firm that offers services designed to aid in business growth, sales conversions, and lead generation. They focus on implementing systems that create wealth, particularly for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small businesses. With a distinctive approach framed around the concept of evolving "networks of mercenaries" into "networks of mutual services", MarketEdge.Pro seeks to help their clients unlock their unique wealth stories.
Think Inc. logo
Think Inc.
Think Inc., a Vancouver-based SEO agency, offers a wide variety of digital marketing services. Their portfolio includes search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, Google advertising, email marketing, content development, and digital marketing audits. Additionally, the agency specialises in web design and development services, including ecommerce website design, graphic design and user experience optimization.
Barefoot Creative logo
Barefoot Creative
Barefoot Creative is a dynamic digital marketing company that specializes in creating targeted strategies to drive business growth. They help businesses of all sizes increase their online presence through brand strategy and customer experience enhancements. With a team of passionate professionals ranging from social media managers to website creators, their expertise lies in tailoring solutions to help businesses connect with their audiences effectively.
Marwick Marketing logo
Marwick Marketing
Marwick Marketing is a premier digital marketing company specializing in design and execution of high impact campaigns that drive revenue. They offer a broad spectrum of services including SEO optimization, PPC management, website design, social media management, and conversion rate optimization. The aim is to help businesses improve their market position and increase revenue through online platforms.
Ogologo Media logo
Ogologo Media
Ogologo Media provides a variety of services aimed at boosting the visibility and influence of businesses. These offerings include digital advertising and signage, radio advertising, website design, and studio production. The company's services also extend to host partnerships, where businesses can play an instrumental role in promoting other businesses, local charities, and youth groups.
Shift Marketing & Consulting logo
Shift Marketing & Consulting
Shift Marketing & Consulting is a full-service marketing firm, offering a broad array of services including website design, search engine optimization (SEO), copywriting, social media content creation and marketing, brochure and flyer design, business consulting, and more. The firm works hard to help businesses grow, taking charge of marketing efforts so owners can focus on running their operations. A commitment to high-quality results reflects their main objective: boosting client businesses' success through effective marketing strategies and business advisement.
Amplify Consulting Inc. logo
Amplify Consulting Inc.
Amplify Consulting Inc. is an award-winning agency that specializes in stakeholder engagement and communication strategy, helping organizations to clarify their message, define their purpose, and enhance their impact. The agency offers strategic advisory and implementation services for improving organizational communication, attracting clientele and team members, identifying growth opportunities, and helping businesses and nonprofits amplify their impact.
Sitely Pro Digital Marketing logo
Sitely Pro Digital Marketing
Sitely Pro Digital Marketing is a company that offers extensive SEO services in Kelowna. Their robust marketing strategies and professional services aim to increase brand awareness, driving traffic and revenue generation. They provide comprehensive SEO solutions for sustained visibility, boosted ROI, and reaching customers effectively.
Vo Media Marketing logo
Vo Media Marketing
Vo Media Marketing is a boutique Digital Marketing Agency focused on helping businesses grow their brand identity with unique digital marketing initiatives aimed at generating scalable revenue. Offering an array of services including social media management, web and graphic design, logo branding, creative content and photography, Vo Media aims to deliver organic digital growth via effective branding campaigns. Their expertise lies in managing social media marketing, generating content to drive consumer interest and creating aesthetic designs to boost brand awareness and maximize brand presence.
BlackBean Industrial Marketing logo
BlackBean Industrial Marketing
BlackBean Marketing is a full-service industrial marketing agency that specializes in helping businesses within the manufacturing, chemical and energy industries reach their growth goals. They solve unique sales and marketing challenges for their clients with services including brand strategy, SEO, web design, fractional CMO services, and B2B digital marketing. They focus on increasing client visibility and engagement, strengthening positioning and branding, driving higher-quality leads, and maximizing marketing ROI.
Purple Pig logo
Purple Pig
Purple Pig is a digital marketing company that offers services like web design, SEO, logo design, and online advertising among others. Their mission is to collaborate and build successful online strategies for their clients, helping to provide their business with a professional image, increase website traffic, and improve visibility in search engine results. They work with businesses of all sizes to create the best web and brand designs while emphasizing cost efficiency and value.
Crave It Advertising (Digital Marketing) logo
Crave It Advertising (Digital Marketing)
Crave IT Digital Marketing specializes in providing a comprehensive suite of digital marketing solutions focused on fueling online business success. Services encompass marketing strategy consultation, SEO audits, digital advertising, organic traffic development, and top-tier website, video, and graphic design. The company prioritizes building industry-leading marketing campaigns that fully highlight and optimize their clients' products, services, and ideas.
Porthos Media logo
Porthos Media
Porthos Media is a family-owned content solution firm that specialises in providing a range of services such as copywriting, audio and video production, web design, podcast production and search engine optimization. The media house aims to assist businesses in running their promotional strategies by providing high-quality edited content that is both user-friendly and sales-oriented. This company is equipped with a team of skilled copywriters, editors and producers who are experts in handling diverse projects, from blogs to audio and video editing and more.
Stellar SEO Marketing logo
Stellar SEO Marketing
Stellar SEO Marketing offers comprehensive digital marketing and SEO services, specializing in helping local businesses grow their online presence to increase leads and revenue. They provide solutions including website design, marketing and process automation, and pay-per-click advertising, while also offering personalized services based on a three-step process of discovery, planning, and launch. Their focus is on delivering repeatable results, using data-driven adjustments and new strategies for continuous growth.
Seize Marketing Agency logo
Seize Marketing Agency
Seize Digital Marketing Agency provides customized, growth-oriented marketing solutions tailored to meet unique business needs. They offer a full range of services including content and branding, digital marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, video editing, public relations outreach, and agile web design.
KJB Digital logo
KJB Digital
KJB Digital is a firm that specializes in assisting businesses enhance their online presence and attract potential customers. They offer a range of services including unique, affordable site design, branding packages, social media advertising, search engine optimization, and digital ad optimization. With over 15 years of industry experience, they also provide engaging content creation, aimed at inspiring customers and making meaningful connections between brands and their key audiences.
Talk Shop Media logo
Talk Shop Media
Talk Shop Media is a full-service integrated communications agency specializing in public relations, social media, digital marketing, influencer relations, branding and creative execution. They aim to connect stories to audiences, creating inspiring ideas driven by results-focused goals.
Marwick Marketing logo
Marwick Marketing
Marwick Marketing offers high-impact digital marketing solutions designed to boost revenue. It specialises in on-site and off-site Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click advertising management, SEO audits, social media management, website design and conversion rate optimization. Since 2012, Marwick Marketing has focused on helping companies increase their market share and digital visibility.
kin digital + pr agency logo
kin digital + pr agency
Kin Digital + PR Agency offers digital marketing and public relations services, focusing on building lasting, meaningful relationships between people and brands. They prioritize substance, loyalty, engagement, humanity, and respect, aiming for more than just data and formulas but meaningful results.
Purple Pig logo
Purple Pig
Purple Pig is a web design and SEO company that offers a wide range of digital solutions, including logo design, online advertising, social media management, email marketing, website hosting, and malware removal. They specialize in creating innovative web design solutions for enterprises of all sizes from diverse industries and implementing effective SEO strategies to enhance website visibility on search engines. Furthermore, they also help build and strengthen brand identities that resonate with audiences.
Creator's Co logo
Creator's Co
Creator's Co provides a comprehensive range of digital marketing services, such as social media and SEO, aimed at effectively positioning businesses in front of their potential customers. The company also specializes in video production, graphic design, and web design, creating visually appealing and compelling content that resonates with the target market. Through these services, Creator's Co helps businesses to stand out from the crowd and efficiently convey their message to the right people.
Tradecraft Media Inc. logo
Tradecraft Media Inc.
Tradecraft Media Inc. specializes in affordable digital marketing solutions, focusing primarily on the hospitality industry, real estate agents, and local retailers. Key services offered include videography, photography, creation of virtual showrooms, iGuide 3D Tours, and responsive web design. Their goal is to generate results that improve the client's bottom line.
Fritz Media logo
Fritz Media
Fritz Media is a marketing and public relations agency specializing in promoting music releases. They provide publicity for album releases and singles for various artists, managing campaigns from pre-release promotion to post-release analysis.
CoGrow Marketing logo
CoGrow Marketing
CoGrow Marketing offers a variety of digital marketing services to help businesses reach their full potential. They use fresh approaches and industry experience to provide strategy, branding, and management solutions, mainly for small businesses. Insights and advice on modern marketing tactics, new trends, and analytics are also shared on their blog, The CoGrow Blog.
SitePartners logo
SitePartners is a marketing agency that specifically caters to the industrial sector, including areas such as construction, manufacturing, and resource. It provides comprehensive marketing solutions ranging from problem-solving and brand-building to driving growth for organizations. The company delivers effective marketing strategies and content production to help their clients win work, recruit talent, and increase market share.
Catalyst Marketing Cooperative logo
Catalyst Marketing Cooperative
Catalyst Marketing Cooperative is a dynamic agency specializing in strategic marketing, branding, web design, and digital strategy. The company operates on the belief that passion and creativity come together to redefine the status quo, with a strong emphasis on producing high-quality products. They work effectively to actualize a client's vision, serving as the catalyst to bring remarkable ideas to life.
Talk Shop Media logo
Talk Shop Media
Talk Shop Media is a full-service integrated communications agency that specializes in public relations, social media, digital marketing, influencer relations, branding and creative execution. By generating inspiring ideas driven by result-oriented goals, Talk Shop Media assists in connecting clients' stories to their target audience.