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Last updated: February 18 2024

Top Pay Per Click Agencies in Oshawa

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Seakay Co.
Seakay Co. is a digital marketing services company that specializes in Higher Education marketing and offers a variety of services including website design, data analytics, content creation, and social media management. They strive to help businesses adapt and succeed in the new economy.
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Marketing Knights
Marketing Knights is a digital marketing agency that specializes in storytelling and helping businesses effectively communicate their brand stories through social media. They offer services such as strategy development, engagement, video/photo creation, lead generation, and analytics. With their expertise, businesses can captivate audiences and drive brand growth.
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Yazlo is a premium web design and development company in Toronto that helps businesses elevate their online presence. With a skilled team of designers, developers, and marketers, they offer services ranging from custom web design to eCommerce solutions and mobile application development. Their goal is to create visually appealing and highly functional websites that engage users and drive brand loyalty.
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Morrison Media
Morrison Media is a Toronto-based company that specializes in advanced digital strategy, including website development, ads, and media strategy. They offer free resources and premium services to help businesses succeed, with a focus on creating customized strategies tailored to each client's goals.
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Niche Up Digital
Niche Up Digital Marketing, founded by Sarah Peel, is a boutique agency specializing in assisting service-based businesses, creative entrepreneurs, and health and beauty professionals with their online marketing efforts. They focus on leveraging the power of Social & Search Ads to help clients scale their results by creating unique funnels, optimizing ads daily, and significantly growing businesses online.
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Innate Marketing
Innate Marketing specializes in driving high-value chiropractic clients through effective digital and social media marketing strategies. With over a decade of experience in the industry, they help chiropractors attract new patients, build their business effortlessly, and expand their brand identity. Their exclusive focus on chiropractic clinics allows them to provide tailored solutions that generate thousands of leads and increase revenues. With personalized ad copy, videos, and testimonials, they can help chiropractors establish themselves as the go-to clinic in their community. Additionally, their platform automates lead follow-ups, making lead management easier for chiropractic offices.