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Top Digital Marketing Agencies in Ottawa

JavaLogix logo
JavaLogix is a digital marketing agency offering a comprehensive suite of services including web design, SEO, social media marketing, and online advertising. They specialize in developing tailored digital marketing strategies that align with business goals, help reach target audiences, promote brand consistency, and manage online reputation.
Marketing Strategics logo
Marketing Strategics
"Marketing Strategics specializes in offering advanced marketing solutions to help businesses grow. They utilize various marketing strategies and analytics to enhance customer reach and boost business performance."
Offsite Visibility logo
Offsite Visibility
Offsite Visibility is a leading firm in content creation and distribution that amplifies businesses' online visibility through innovative content marketing strategies supported by artificial intelligence and machine learning. They produce and optimize multiple content types for distribution across a wide network of websites and digital platforms, leveraging their expertise to enhance their clients' online exposure and searchability.
MelCo Design - Website Design and Digital Marketing logo
MelCo Design - Website Design and Digital Marketing
MelCo Design specializes in website development, design, and management, as well as digital marketing services. They offer packages ranging from site design to coaching sessions and social media management, with a focus on innovative and unique designs that reflect a company's values and aspirations.
Deja logo
Deja Technologies provides IT outsourcing services and advertising solutions, designed to enhance the operations of small to medium businesses. Their offerings span server solutions, print and web design, and cloud services, all aimed at ensuring high levels of client satisfaction.
Aabstract Communications logo
Aabstract Communications
Aabstract Communications specializes in the production of unique, short-format videos tailored to boost the digital marketing campaigns of Canadian businesses.
Comm2pO logo
Comm2pO is a 360 digital marketing agency that provides businesses with a range of services including web design, social media management, SEO, SEM & SMO, content marketing, branding, and media placement. They serve both small businesses and large multinational enterprises, aiming to increase their visibility in the digital landscape to generate leads and convert them into sales.
Trinergie - Agence de Publicité - Marketing logo
Trinergie - Agence de Publicité - Marketing
Trinergie is an advertising and marketing agency that aims to enhance the appeal of businesses through the development of innovative marketing strategies. Their service offerings, evident in their portfolio, range from branding to web design and video production. Their mission is to empower businesses to create their unique brand presence leverage it for maximum impact.
Vacarm logo
Vacarm is a creative agency recognized for its noise-making approach to integrated marketing services. Their team of high-level professionals offers full services from content creation to marketing, leveraging various expertise fields, in order to ensure their clients' businesses resonate in their communities.
Prosomo logo
Prosomo is a comprehensive business solutions provider offering services in financing strategies, human resources, technology supports, and marketing strategies, including digital marketing and web data analysis. With an array of services, it aims to propel businesses towards growth and success.
wenov business logo
wenov business
Wenov offers unique services that focus on creating captivating and viral content aiming to connect, convert, sell, and educate. They tout themselves as the first mobile podcast service in Gatineau-Ottawa, providing easy recording, editing, and sharing of video podcasts. Additionally, they specialize in content creation and professional video production, ensuring effective transmission of client's messages.
Simple Story logo
Simple Story
Simple Story is an award-winning agency specializing in video marketing and production. They utilize the power of storytelling to connect brands with their audiences across various channels. Offering a full suite of services, Simple Story assists in effectively and concisely telling a brand's story, starting with strategic planning, to ensure campaign goals are clearly defined.
Duco Media logo
Duco Media
Duco Media is a full-service digital marketing and branding agency that offers a wide variety of services including web design, video production, logo creation, green marketing, startup packages, and analytics. With a forward-thinking approach, they deliver tailored marketing strategies that integrate digital and traditional advertising, social media management, and marketing automation to drive growth and success for businesses.
Ottawa SEO Inc. logo
Ottawa SEO Inc.
Ottawa SEO Inc. offers a comprehensive suite of digital marketing services, including search engine optimization, web design, content optimization, mobile optimization, and social media marketing. They aim to enhance online visibility for businesses of all sizes, driving targeted traffic and increasing online sales.
Websiter logo
Websiter is a digital marketing and SEO consultancy agency that provides a comprehensive range of services including website design, SEO, PPC ad campaigns, and local SEO services for small businesses. Their seasoned team of SEO specialists focus on driving more website traffic, improving search engine rankings, and attracting a wider audience for their clients, thereby boosting sales.
Postering Ottawa logo
Postering Ottawa
Postering Canada specializes in street-level advertising throughout the country. As experts in their field, they offer innovative and strategic advertising solutions to help businesses effectively connect with their target audiences.
McMillan logo
McMillan is a company that focuses on improving customer experiences through brand elevation, go-to-market strategies, and beyond. They specialize in creating unique brand systems, co-creating standards for industries like cannabis compliance, and fostering global brands for the 21st century. They also offer branding solutions to connect businesses with the environment and support movements towards sustainable practices like Net Zero.
Conquer Locally logo
Conquer Locally
Conquer Locally specializes in the design of winning, impression-making websites for local service businesses. They focus on building responsive sites that boost sales by offering positive first impressions to potential customers. Their approach is built around attracting customers who rely on social media referrals and Google searches for service providers.
gordongroup logo
Gordongroup is a marketing and design firm that focuses on uncovering and defining the true nature of a brand. The company employs a Creative Convergence Process to establish trust-based relationships with clients, supporting them in the public, private, and non-profit sectors in enhancing their brand identity. Building on over 35 years of experience, they also extend their services to Indigenous communities and clients on a global scale.
Billingham Agency logo
Billingham Agency
Billingham Agency is a boutique, full-service advertising agency that specializes in bringing brands to life. They utilize a combination of creative storytelling and stunning visuals to ensure businesses of all sizes get noticed and are easily remembered. Their past work includes partnering with Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa to produce cinematic experiences that highlighted the passion for food at the culinary school.
Banfield logo
Banfield is known for creating impactful work that influences people's feelings and actions. They offer services in branded campaigns including video production, digital and social media, custom web design, as well as content marketing strategies. Their expertise goes beyond traditional advertising and marketing, focusing on producing beneficial results for people and communities.
Web Presence and Marketing logo
Web Presence and Marketing
Web Presence and Marketing specializes in designing and redefining engaging websites, managing public relations and social media messages, and conceiving visual identities for businesses and institutions. They also offer strategic digital marketing services including mobile web design, SEO, newsletters, email campaigns, and landing page creation.
PIXEL - Firme créative logo
PIXEL - Firme créative
PIXEL - Firme créative is a creative agency that passionate about what their clients do. The company specializes in creating unique experiences to help ambitious brands grow, offering services such as graphic design, brand identity, photography, audio and video production, as well as communication strategy and social media management.
Blunt Inc. logo
Blunt Inc.
Blunt Inc., operating under the Creative TRND brand, is a full-service digital marketing agency that delivers a variety of comprehensive marketing solutions including SEO, paid ads, content marketing, and branding design. Their expert team uses unique growth techniques to enhance awareness, engagement, and sales for their clients, while also offering technology services to build and maintain effective online business presences.
Dilain Graphics logo
Dilain Graphics
Dilain Graphics specializes in offering a variety of services such as web development, design, and YouTube support, functioning as a virtual assistant for clients. They pride themselves in high efficiency and quick delivery to meet clients' standards, providing expertise in areas of design, marketing, and social media. They also offer other services such as job searching assistance and resume writing service.
Vision MG - Conception site web Gatineau logo
Vision MG - Conception site web Gatineau
Vision MG is a comprehensive web design and development company, providing services from graphic design and technical development, to content writing and photography. Passionately built by their team, Vision MG strives to transform a company’s brand image into a strong digital fortress, enhancing positive customer remarks across social platforms and ranking sites. They not only specialize in web design, photography, graphic design and branding, but also excel in search engine optimization.
ihotweb logo
Ihotweb specializes in providing innovative web design, search engine optimization (SEO), and web development solutions, aiming to take businesses to the next level. The company emphasizes business strategy, creative web marketing, cutting-edge technology, and technical expertise in order to deliver results that are stable, secure, scalable, and reliable.
Skyfall Blue is a digital transformation expert agency specializing in digital marketing and advertising strategies. They offer a variety of services such as SEO, website design and development, social media management, and content marketing to increase brand presence, engagement, and lead generation.
Web Design Ottawa Agency logo
Web Design Ottawa Agency
Web Design Ottawa Agency is a highly rated firm specializing in creating high-end, award-winning websites that help businesses generate more online revenue. They also offer a wide array of auxiliary services, including digital marketing, Google Ads management, hosting services, and web security.
U7 Web Design & Marketing logo
U7 Web Design & Marketing
U7 Web Design & Marketing offers holistic, digital-first solutions, including custom digital marketing plans, website design, and the development of custom online tools and platforms for non-profit organizations, SMBs, and service providers. The company has a track record of helping businesses establish and grow an online presence, building stronger brands and client bases.
Ascribe Marketing Inc. logo
Ascribe Marketing Inc.
Ascribe Marketing is a strategic content agency that provides structure and clarity to complex marketing communications projects. The company offers a blend of strategic content marketing creativity, superior writing skills, and a service-oriented approach to meet the content development goals of various organizations. They employ a journalistic approach to uncover untold stories, thus creating intelligent, on-brand, audience-aware content.
EnvisionUP is a digital marketing agency specializing in SEO, Web Design, PPC Services, and Local SEO. The company aims to grow client's revenue through tailored online strategies, data-driven results, and lead generation, and offers various other services including social media management, pay-per-click marketing, WordPress website design, email marketing, and reputation management.
Backlit Media Web Agency logo
Backlit Media Web Agency
Backlit Media is a web design and development company that provides custom website solutions for small to medium-sized businesses. Their services include web design, website maintenance and hosting, search engine optimization, and online marketing to transform mere site visitors into customers. Additionally, they offer responsive design ensuring their websites work on all devices.
Salient Marketing logo
Salient Marketing
Salient Marketing is a digital agency that offers a unique and creative approach to business and marketing solutions. Their services include search engine optimization, online advertising, social media management, web design, along with other digital marketing strategies to attract, convert prospects into customers, and yield growth for businesses.
GeoVolve Digital Connections logo
GeoVolve Digital Connections
GeoVolve Digital Connections is a leading agency in both traditional and digital advertising and media. They offer full-service creative services, strategy development, and robust client support to aid in the growth of the client's business, while specializing in lead generation, digital marketing, website development, and corporate branding.
Ayaya Communications logo
Ayaya Communications
Ayaya Communications is a leading full-service advertising agency in Northern Canada, specializing in developing strategic marketing and communication strategies for local and national businesses, government, non-profits, and territorial agencies. They offer a wide range of solutions from strategic planning, design, production and print services to special events and website creation, aiming to connect people and businesses across regions and territories in Canada's North.
ADW Canada logo
ADW Canada
ADW | Acosta is a specialized sales and marketing organization that has been aiding businesses in presenting their products effectively in Costco since 1983. The company offers innovative solutions for brands to enter and grow in the competitive marketplace of Costco, leveraging their detailed knowledge of Costco's protocols and close relationships with Costco buying offices worldwide.
Gold Wing Marketing logo
Gold Wing Marketing
Gold Wing Marketing is a digital marketing company that aids businesses in their growth by offering a range of services including promotional product creation, website design, website maintenance and updates, lead generation, and phone number rental. They prioritize customer satisfaction and tailor their services to meet and exceed their client's expectations.
Marketing Booth logo
Marketing Booth
Marketing Booth is a globally recognized technology-first firm that offers digital marketing and lead generation services. As a complete marketing agency, they specialize in providing high-quality, qualified leads across various sectors such as real estate, automotive, legal services, medical services, construction, and more. Their proven technology and systems make them a reliable choice for sales professionals worldwide.
PDOT marketing logo
PDOT marketing
PDOT Marketing specializes in providing top-tier digital marketing services, including SEO/SMM marketing strategies, web development, and marketing support. Their team of social media professionals utilizes unique strategies to enhance web visibility, boost social media engagement, and foster business growth for their clients.
The Wolf Marketing logo
The Wolf Marketing
The Wolf Marketing specializes in providing digital marketing services in the USA, offering high-quality solutions such as SEO, social media management, website design, and customized marketing strategies. With their focus on business growth and strong branding, they plan and execute effective marketing campaigns designed to promote a company's positive image, eliminate operational hurdles, and achieve sustainable growth.
Maestro Creative Agency logo
Maestro Creative Agency
Maestro Creative Agency specializes in delivering innovative and impactful marketing and advertising solutions. Through advanced strategies and creative designs, the agency helps businesses to increase visibility, engage audiences and drive growth.
Web Xperts Marketing logo
Web Xperts Marketing
Web Xperts Marketing serves as a digital marketing partner, providing web design & development solutions, content marketing strategies, online consultancy, and sales optimization. They specialize in search engine optimization, local SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, and pay-per-click management to enhance their clients' online presence and increase leads.
Machine logo
Machine is a digital agency specializing in the design and development of digital experiences. They offer a range of services including donation platform design, application strategy, and website development. Their portfolio boasts work with clients such as Swimming Canada, GetaKit, and Richcraft Homes.
WSI eStrategies logo
WSI eStrategies
WSI eStrategies is an award-winning digital marketing agency specializing in providing comprehensive web design, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), and social media marketing services. They use a unique, goal-centric approach to develop personalized online strategies that effectively address each client's business needs and objectives, thereby generating more leads and driving sales.
Média Connection - Conception de site web logo
Média Connection - Conception de site web
Média Connection is a comprehensive web and graphic design company that specializes in various digital services. They offer web design, online store development, graphic conception, and digital strategy creation, among other services. They also handle social media management, web referencing, and Google Ads.

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