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Last updated: February 18 2024

Top Digital Marketing Agencies in Kentville

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Maverick Communications
Maverick Communications specializes in experiential marketing, focusing on creating unique and memorable brand experiences. Services provided include immersive events, edible food printing, lead generation, field marketing via street teams, product trials and samplings, and cutting-edge tools like their 360° Photo Booth. Through these myriad media solutions, Maverick lets brands establish a potent emotional connection with their target audience.
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JR Marketing
JR Marketing provides social media management and marketing services to small businesses, aiming to streamline their operations and free up business owners to focus on their passion. They offer a variety of services such as content creation, marketing strategy planning and implementation, and also website and email marketing management. Known for their engaging, interactive social media posts, they also offer graphic design and seek to broaden their clients' customer base through strategically targeted marketing efforts.
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Blue Cow Marketing
Blue Cow Marketing Inc. specializes in offering diversified marketing solutions to its clientele. Their expertise lies in strategizing effective marketing plans, but no specific services are mentioned in the provided content.
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Michael Gabriel Communications
Michael Gabriel Communications is a company specializing in marketing communications, offering services such as logo, website, and graphic design, branding, translation, and training. Their target clients span businesses, government organizations, and NGOs, delivering reliable, personalized, and responsive services to help communicate their clients' messages and visions effectively.