Last edited: May 24 2024

Top Digital Marketing Agencies in Halifax

Fevens Content Design logo
Fevens Content Design
Fevens Content Design aids businesses in enhancing their online presence by offering exceptional website and content design services. Their expertise includes the creation of compelling web content, web design, online content writing, digital strategy, marketing consultations, e-commerce startup, and direct response copywriting. They are dedicated to producing immediate results with an emphasis on user engagement and optimisation for increased web traffic conversion.
m5 Marketing Communications logo
m5 Marketing Communications
m5 Marketing Communications is a full-service marketing firm offering a wide range of services, including strategy and planning, creative services, media planning and buying, website and digital development, and video and content production. The company specializes in going beyond surface-level solutions to tackle their client's complex problems, serving up effective strategies with a straightforward, unpretentious style.
Aedos Marketing Concepts Inc. logo
Aedos Marketing Concepts Inc.
Aedos Marketing Concepts Inc. is a sales and direct marketing company specializing in customer acquisition, leadership, and coaching. Since its establishment in 2012, it has been providing businesses with solutions for reaching sales targets through outsourced direct sales, utilizing its team's extensive international experience in door-to-door, call center, and B2B sales and marketing.
WeUsThem Inc. logo
WeUsThem Inc.
WeUsThem Inc. is a dynamic company offering brand solutions, from designing to enhancing digital platforms for their clients. They have collaborated with institutions across various industries such as healthcare, hospitality, finance, and government agencies to develop technologies and campaigns aligned with their goals. Among their notable achievements include building the next healthcare delivery model for young people, supporting technical integrations for a hotel group, and encouraging digital currency usage for a central bank.
Outshine logo
Outshine is a specialist in digital marketing and analytics for B2B SaaS companies, delivering data-driven advertising strategies that improve ROI. They offer services like Paid Social, Account Based Marketing, Creative Production, Paid Search, and Analytics to drive efficient growth and help their clients achieve their business goals.
NovaLink Marketing logo
NovaLink Marketing
NovaLink Marketing is a sales and direct marketing company that offers a wide range of services including B2B marketing, D2D marketing, and direct outsource marketing. They specialize in customer acquisition, utilizing their extensive experience in international door-to-door, call center, and B2B sales and marketing to help businesses achieve and exceed their revenue goals.
Bluecore Media logo
Bluecore Media
immediac logo
Immediac is a tech company that specializes in web design, mobile app development, and search engine optimization. They also provide additional services such as custom content creation and integration of artificial intelligence technology. With over 25 years of experience, they have helped hundreds of businesses across Canada establish their online presence and improve their digital operations.
Charcoal Marketing logo
Charcoal Marketing
Charcoal Marketing is a comprehensive marketing agency specializing in various services. They offer programmatic advertising, inbound marketing, branding, web design and development, search engine optimization (SEO), and digital content development. Beyond these services, they are dedicated to fostering the growth and efficiency of clients’ ideas, turning mere sparks of inspiration into powerful marketing strategies.
James Gaudet Graphic Design logo
James Gaudet Graphic Design
James Gaudet Graphic Design offers a range of creative services including branding, web design, social media management, and video production. Their talented team specializes in helping businesses, both big and small, elevate their brand and expand their digital presence through innovative techniques.
Creative Curve Media Group Inc. logo
Creative Curve Media Group Inc.
Creative Curve Media Group is a Halifax-based marketing agency, specializing in graphic design, web design, and print services. Their team is dedicated to empowering small businesses by providing on-time and on-budget marketing essentials. Named a finalist in the BBB Business Ethics Awards for Atlantic Canada in 2013 and the winner in 2017, Creative Curve works efficiently and passionately to cater to all the marketing needs of their clients.
Monumental Business Solutions logo
Monumental Business Solutions
Monumental Business Solutions is a Canadian outsourced firm that specializes in public relations, brand management, business development, and strategic marketing. The company's main focus is on team development and using data analytics to enhance their sales. It offers opportunities for professional growth, training its team members in understanding and managing consumer brand awareness projects for its clients.
Aptitude Digital logo
Aptitude Digital
Aptitude Digital designs and develops professional websites, offering expert Drupal development and hosting services for enterprises. They also provide managed services including digital marketing, proactive maintenance, security updates, and AWS container-based hosting for business organizations of all sizes.
Stay Social Marketing logo
Stay Social Marketing
Stay Social Marketing is a digital marketing firm that specializes in optimizing businesses on various platforms through the use of Artificial Intelligence. They provide services including social media and advertising, email automation, management of reviews and reputation, as well as development of websites and leadpages. They employ AI to understand audience behavior, improve engagement, and create personalized content for better results.